Pupils receive a deferment from the army to enter the university

Today the State Duma introduced a bill to call for changes in order to graduate school, military service. Members of the Council of Federation Viktor Ozerov, Vladimir Melnikov proposed not to call during the spring set of those who left school at age 18. So high school graduates will be automatically granted deferment until the fall draft, which means that they will have the opportunity to enroll in college.

As the authors of the project, there is a legal conflict, when high school graduates who have attained the age of 18 can not enter a university to continue their education, as subject to being called — they just do not have time to apply for and pass exams. «The purpose of the bill — the equal rights of citizens to education by providing the right to deferment of military service before October 1,» — said in an explanatory note.

The authors of the bill also noted that the number of citizen complaints related to just call the school graduates has increased dramatically in the past year, 17.6% of military conscripts in 2009 — are pupils who did not manage to get into university. Ministry of Education according to the forecast, this category of recruits for demographic reasons, will only increase in coming years. A bill introduced in the Duma, «will help to eliminate disparities in the implementation of constitutional rights and freedoms, raise the defense of the Russian Federation», — summarized the authors in the notes.