For admission to the university will need the results of three tests

To enter university entrants in 2011 will have to provide the results of at least 3 examinations in the form of the USE. Order clarifying rules for admission to universities in 2009 has been signed by the Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko and sent for registration to the Ministry of Justice, the newspaper said.

Recall that in late December, Ministry of Education approved a list of examinations for admission to universities, according to which for each specialty, there are four of the subject. Each institution, relying on this list until February 1, can choose at least three items and make them publicly available along with the rules of admission.

Of the proposed test, the university is obliged to accept the results of the examination required — in Russian language, an examination of profile subject, and choose at least one of the two proposed by Ministry of Education.

In the order of Ministry of Education says that in case of, for example, the Faculty of the university can be counted on the results of four subjects — the Russian language, literature, history and foreign language.
Russian language will be compulsory, core literature, and history of the proposed high school foreign language and can choose one item.